Monday, November 23, 2009

3 Weeks Left!

With the feedback from the mid-term review, we have nailed down our design and made full scale drawings from Eric's CAD model. With most of the design work done, now we are officially working as manufacturing groups:

Machining: Cliff, Rachael, Flo, Cassie, Bryan, Matt K., Eric, Seungkyun, and Matt H.

Jig and Prep: Yarrow, Fiona, and Bryan

Carbon Fiber: Krisa, Soomi, Mingzi, and Kyu

Every new group has assembled parts lists to order parts and to manufacture parts. Each group has come up with their own arrangements to finish the manufacturing for their specific areas. We officially have about 3 weeks left in the semester, with only 6 studios days together, and Thanksgiving in the middle. Our new calendar is strategically planned to finish with a little give at the end incase we need more time for assembly and final touches.

December 16th is the day!
Count Down: 23 days!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Models, Prototyping, and Testing

The original seating group spent lots of time creating a scale model of the buggy. Meanwhile, our drivers, Eric and Cassie are getting sized up on the vehicle to test the ergonomics of the seat and steering.

Concept Presentation Mid-Term

We made most of our last design decisions for our mid-term concept presentation last week, and received great feedback to help us move on to our final design for our moon buggy. This has allowed us to move into fabricating this week.
The previous groups (chassis, suspension, drive train, and seating/wheels) have divided to conquer the fabricating process. We have now switched things up to have a machining group, and jig and prep group and also a carbon fiber group. This is big moment in the semester with exactly five weeks until our due date!

T-Shirts for Sale

Our latest group photo models our new RISD/ NASA t-shirts that are now on sale. Ask a team member near you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Carbon Fiber!

We have officially started our use of carbon fiber this morning after our demonstration from Michael Beresford. The seating group will move forward with their ergonomic design and form carbon fiber over a foam model. The seats are going to shine.

Halfway There

The NASA Moon Buggy class is getting ready for the mid-term review coming up this Thursday. A NASA spokesperson is flying up to Providence for the presentation, along with other guests, including local engineers and RISD faculty.
We have made it through most of the design phase and are in-process of moving into the building phase. 3D models, drawings, and CAD models are in their finished stages and ready to be presented in two days. Woohoo!

Brazing Demonstration

On Thursday we got a fantastic brazing demonstration by our professor, Michael Beresford. Most people in the group are first-time brazers, but you can tell from the photos above that they are naturals. Go team!

Happy Birthday Yarrow

Dont let the streetwalkers get you down. That is a tailored suit.