Monday, December 14, 2009

Sneak Peek

Late Nights!

Late nights have become frequent now. All of our hard work from the semester is becoming a reality now with all of our parts almost completely finished and put together.

Last Wave

With only two days to go, we are finishing the final pieces and in assembly mode. Everything is on schedule and we are getting excited to unveil the vehicle at our critique on Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Moon Buggy Final Presentation

We would like to welcome you to our RISD/NASA Moon Buggy final critique next Wednesday at 1PM in the Industrial Design building. Snacks and great design provided.

Officially 1 Week Left

With only one week remaining, we are trying to gather all of the requirements and finish successfully. We have the peripheral requirements such as fenders, simulated batteries, simulated antenna, etc left to finish also. The designs have been set and now we are down to the end.

Carbon Fiber Group

The molds turned out excellent and we were able to lay the carbon fiber successfully. The dogears to attach them to the chassis have been completely, and our seat latch is underway. The fenders have been designed as well and are ready to be next in line for carbon fiber.

Machining Group

The machining group is really pushing through the really busy weeks with a lot of confidence. They have machined countless parts with a lot of accuracy these past couple of weeks, and continue to work just as hard every single day.

Hard at Work

The group is working around the clock and doing remarkably well. The shop has officially been taken over by the NASA studio.

Staying Organized

The final review is counting down, but we are managing to stay organized through the busy tasks ahead. Everyone has found their final jobs to take on and really come through as a team.

Pulling Together