Monday, March 28, 2011

some final pics before our trip south to compete at the Great Moon Buggy race, as you can see we will be arriving with a fresh paint job and graphics. We have made some great strides as a team and the refinements to our buggy, by adding better steering and a custom diff with frt disc brakes all pulled together with a custom paint job.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New parts and inspiration

to the world, below are the first of new parts we have been working on. You can see some of the process we have used to build these parts, we have an amazing team working on this project with a wide range of talents and abilities. A 1st for the team is to have a number of members who are sophmores and freshman who have limited access to the shops, they have added much value to the team to help get this project done on time.


Below are some pics of the materials we used for our build:


We thought it might be good to show some pics of the shop we use to build our Moon Buggy. As you can see no CNC machines, or Modern tech every part on our buggy is done by our team with manual machining tools, all the joints are braised or welded.