Monday, October 19, 2009

First Presentation of the Semester!

Last Tuesday, the 13th was our first presentation of the semester. For us, it was a brief run-through of everything we had determined to that point. We had made some hard decisions by then, such as the main chassis frame and materials, the front and rear drive trains, all over suspension, the wheels and the seating ideas.
We had a great discussion with our guests critics, especially Jeremy from Cannondale. Lots of our concerns were addressed and we were able to set out on another adventure into the next round of design work for the vehicle. We decided to set some hard points for the seating position of the riders to help guide the design for the rest of the vehicle.
The mock-up group was able to build a sturdy design to allow the seating group to measure the angles of the seating in the chassis. They have done a great job, which is really informing every other group, chassis, drive train, and suspension.
Wish us luck! More photos to come!

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